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About xG

xG’s Mission: Deliver cognitive radio network technology that meets the world’s rising demand for reliable and affordable wireless broadband, while making more efficient use of scarce spectrum assets. 

Technology Leadership
xG Technology is an IP (Internet Protocol)-centric developer of innovative and disruptive communications technologies for wireless networks. Its patented intellectual property portfolio covers a broad range of applications, including cognitive (intelligent) radio technology that can make wireless networks more flexible, intelligent, accessible, affordable and reliable.  The company has commercialized some of its technology advancements to create xMax®, a carrier-grade, wireless broadband system that enables spectrum sharing. xMax can help alleviate the spectrum shortage caused by bandwidth-hungry devices and applications straining network capacity.

xG's Cognitive Radio Network Advantage
xMax is a comprehensive fixed and mobile broadband solution designed for rapid deployment and low operating costs. xMax leverages Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology that enables it to exploit licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum.  It eliminates the need to acquire scarce and expensive licensed spectrum, thus lowering the total cost of ownership for wireless broadband access. xMax increases the efficiency of existing spectrum, allowing providers to deliver new services, offload existing voice or data traffic, improve QoS, and enhance network capacity for their customers.

Broad Market Appeal
xMax represents a powerful solution for a wide array of users, applications, and markets. For enterprises or agencies looking to maximize their existing spectrum capacity or for service providers looking to take control of their wireless future, the ability of xMax to operate in shared spectrum bands offers a critical advantage. Key vertical markets for xMax include urban and rural wireless broadband, utilities, defense, emergency response/public safety and mobile enterprises.

Unique Product Architecture
xMax utilizes an end-to-end Internet Protocol (IP) system architecture that can serve as a full network backbone or last-mile solution. xMax delivers a turnkey network system that includes access points, fixed and mobile personal WiFi hotspots, mobile switching centers, and network management and deployment tools. A key feature of the system is the ability to leverage commercial off-the-shelf user devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.), which further reduces network infrastructure, maintenance and operational costs.

Forward-Looking Strategy
xG’s near-term strategy is to gain traction in key domestic and international vertical markets, using a version of xMax that operates in the 900MHz ISM unlicensed band. xG’s long-term objective is to fully leverage its technology and intellectual property by migrating to a licensing/royalty and chip business model. This is expected to provide a scalable path to mass market penetration.

Broad Intellectual Property Portfolio
xG’s extensive R&D activity has allowed it to amass a broad patent portfolio that includes 60 U.S. and over 140 international patents and pending patent applications The patent portfolio covers advanced optimizing technologies such as spectrum sharing, interference mitigation and self-organizing networks. xG’s intellectual property is available for licensing in both domestic and international markets.

Field-proven Technology
xG’s technology and products have been successfully tested and trialed at two U.S. Army bases, in deployments with a rural telecom provider, and in an urban/suburban mobile data and VoIP network in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.