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DoD & Military

To be effective, military wireless communications must provide maximum access to the fullest array of C2 (command and control) services. Specifically, communications systems must be extremely mobile, scalable, frequency agile, cost-efficient and have highly flexible deployment schemes. New demands such as the ability to affordability and securely integrate commercial smartphones and tablets at the tactical edge are beyond the capabilities of today’s deployed solutions and programs of record. However, xMax can provide robust and resilient connectivity to commercial smartphones and tablets (as well as other Internet-ready devices) while leveraging advanced dynamic spectrum access (DSA) and interference mitigation technology in both a garrison and tactical “communications on the move” configuration.

xMax delivers robust, rapidly deployable wireless services on demand and on the move. This carrier-grade mobile VoIP and mobile broadband system can dynamically access both licensed and free (unlicensed) radio frequencies opportunistically around the globe. By design, the system incorporates a scalable quality of service for real-time applications, with voice capacities exceeding all 3G/4G protocols. Its newly developed MIMO-based anti-interference and anti-jamming capabilities insure robust communications capabilities in hostile environments, while its self-organizing networking (SON) software makes on-the move communications a reality.

For DoD or military applications, the xMax cognitive radio network solution delivers the following key benefits:

  • Independent operation from commercial frequency bands, yet supports all commercial smartphones, tablets, laptops and other internet-ready devices with no changes to hardware or operating system software
  • Cognitive interference avoidance & mitigation schemes provide anti-jamming and low probability of interception/detection capabilities over unpredictable and crowded spectrum
  • Support for voice, video and broadband data upon a single network
  • Cost-effective and easy to operate, with self-organizing and self-RF planning network infrastructure
  • Scalable architecture that can efficiently support small teams up to large FOBs (forward operating bases)
  • Various access point deployment options including a mix of ground-based and airborne mobile platforms
  • Dynamically coexists with other friendly users of the spectrum
  • Can be digitally interfaced with dissimilar (legacy) end-user devices via its all IP architecture
  • Is interoperable with 2G & 3G legacy networks and other existing infrastructure (PSTN, WiFi, etc.)
  • Supports operations in the threat or emergency environment without the security risks associated with other commercially-derived cellular options
  • Does not require commercial frequencies to operate
  • Provides a resilient, robust and redundant pipe with low operational cost over the service life of the equipment

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