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Incumbent Wireless Carriers

Fixed and mobile wireless providers can use xMax to deliver new services or offload existing voice or data traffic, reduce dropped calls and enhance network capacity for their customers.

The exponential growth of data consumption, fueled by the increased use of smartphones and other data-centric devices, has severely strained carrier networks. Dropped voice calls and lack of data bandwidth for iPhone and other smartphone users in the US have been widely publicized.

Due to having insufficient spectrum available to address this exploding demand for mobile broadband services, the FCC has declared a “spectrum crisis,” and has stated a policy goal of finding an additional 500MHz of spectrum over the next ten years. However, according to industry studies, vast amounts of existing spectrum are already available, though underutilized or unused.

This unused spectrum in both licensed and unlicensed bands can be put to use today via xMax cognitive radio technology, which enables the addition of significantly more coverage and bandwidth - without requiring the FCC to find new airwaves. By combining key capabilities such as Avoid and Detect (senses other users in the band and avoids interfering with them) and Identify and Utilize (finds slices of available spectrum in the frequency and time domain that are available for momentary use), xMax can reclaim vast amounts of capacity in spectrum bands thought to be fully utilized or "junked up". Its advanced interference mitigation technology allows xMax to operate robustly and reliability in noisy frequencies that would stop lesser radios from even establishing a connection.

Today's mobile carriers are also facing infrastructure and operational challenges brought on by the shift from circuit switched to IP networks. Even with the advent of 4G technologies, carriers are still being forced to operate separate voice (existing 3G) and data (LTE) networks. This is because these emerging 4G mobile networks have not been optimized to provide both voice and data on a cost-effective basis.

xMax offers these benefits and more to mobile voice and data providers:

  • xMax cognitive radio systems can help dramatically increase capacity of mobile networks
  • Can create overflow capacity by improving the utilization of existing licensed and unlicensed spectrum
  • Uses a highly responsive “Identify and Utilize” (IAU) system to reclaim capacity from "full" or “unusable” spectrum
  • Enables carriers to offer the Quality of Service (QoS) mobile users demand – without the need to purchase additional spectrum
  • Offers a single end-to-end IP-centric network for voice, messaging, and data services, which simplifies network planning, reduces capital and operational costs and is essentially "future proof"
  • Integrates seamlessly with third-party VoIP and SIP based components and services, simplifying services provisioning and delivery across mobile/fixed customer bundles

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