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Public Safety and Homeland Security

Public safety, homeland security and emergency management organizations are increasingly relying on wireless technology to provide the command, control, and communications capabilities needed in emergency response situations. In order to increase the effectiveness of the response and ensure the safety of first responders, an optimal public safety wireless system should have the flexibility to provide capacity and coverage on demand - anywhere, anytime. Interoperability and scalability are also required, particularly when multiple agencies come together in a disaster or other emergency response situation.

An additional and emerging requirement is to make use of existing wireless devices and applications deployed with first responders to minimize the weight and complexity of equipment, while increasing return on the investment in the communications equipment and associated training.

In addition, because existing communications systems may have been damaged or destroyed during an emergency or disaster, the wireless system should not require pre-existing wireless infrastructure and should be capable of exploiting the aerial layer for rapid deployment into remote areas or locations with severe damage to the communications infrastructure. Likewise, spectrum availability or planning should not be a limiting factor to the rapid deployment of critical services, personnel and communications infrastructure. Ideally, the system should be self-configuring and self-RF planning to lessen demands placed on critical personnel, particularly during the initial “golden hour” of the response.

The xMax cognitive radio network solution offers these capabilities and more - and is well-suited for public safety networks. Its spectrum-agile properties allow operation in spectrum that is unused and available at any moment in time. Leveraging its ability to operate in unlicensed spectrum, xMax delivers a robust, rapidly deployable, cost-effective, carrier-class emergency network communications system – when and where it is needed.

The xMax mobile network provides the following benefits:

  • Leverages cognitive radio to operate reliably and securely over unpredictable and crowded spectrum
  • Highly transportable and flexible communications system, compact and powerful enough for deployment in aerial vehicles (helicopters, small planes, aerostats, etc.)
  • Self-sufficient, turnkey system including a line of personal hotspots, high-power access points, mobile switching centers (MSC), network management systems and deployment tools
  • Is based on an end-to-end Internet Protocol (IP) architecture for fast and robust integration in to existing Internet infrastructure
  • Supports voice, video and broadband data over a single network
  • Can be digitally interfaced with dissimilar (legacy) end user devices
  • Is interoperable with 2G & 3G legacy networks and other existing infrastructure (PSTN, WiFi, etc.)
  • Supports operations in the emergency environment without the security risks associated with carrier controlled cellular options
  • Provides a resilient, robust and redundant pipe with low operational cost over the service life of the equipment

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