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Mobile Content and Over the Top Services Providers

Content providers like Google, Yahoo, eBay and other IP-centric companies depend heavily on existing mobile carrier networks as delivery vehicles for their service offerings – and thus are at risk of having their services pre-empted, de-prioritized or interrupted by the carrier. Security alarm and monitoring companies continue to be at the mercy of carriers and their demands to switch out CPE equipment (AMPS, CDPD, GSM, etc) with equipment compatible with their latest technology roll-outs and associated higher monthly service plans. With uncertainty surrounding the Net Neutrality issue, it is easy to see how content and over the top services providers could benefit from deploying their own networks as an alternative to conventional telco and mobile carrier networks.

xMax cognitive radio technology gives these content companies a fully wireless, scalable and cost-effective network solution for consumer and enterprise services delivery. It provides a proven path to control their own destinies, as well as direct access to their customers and technology choices. By using xMax to become a wireless service provider, a content company can ensure unfettered access to its services, while controlling a network that supports the delivery of new services and revenue streams.

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