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Rural Broadband and WISP

The high cost and scarcity of wireless spectrum represent a formidable barrier to entry for Rural Telcos and Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) seeking to deploy and operate their own fixed and mobile wireless networks. Other service providers that have been excluded from the wireless arena due to lack of available spectrum include competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC’s), regional telephone companies, and local governments.

To date these entities have been essentially shut out of the mobile service market, or are completely reliant on resale agreements with national mobile network operators for their service offerings and revenue streams with their customers.

The xMax cognitive radio network solution radically changes this landscape. xMax allows spectrum-challenged operators to utilize the free, unlicensed 902-928MHz ISM band spectrum and an end-to-end IP-based infrastructure to provide carrier-grade reliability for fixed and mobile broadband services. The advanced cognitive radio attributes built into xMax enable mobile operators to offer their customers a licensed spectrum experience using unlicensed spectrum. xMax can also integrate smoothly with the existing smartphones, tablets, iPads and computers users already own and depend on.

xMax is flexible enough to deliver either traditional cellular, enterprise or “citywide cordless” voice and broadband services. It makes a practical, cost-effective solution for communications providers seeking to offer fixed or mobile services. It also allows independent telecom providers to gain a competitive advantage through triple play (telephone, TV and wireless services) or expanded service suites. Regardless of how the business or regulatory environment shifts, xMax can enhance an operator's bottom line and enable advanced wireless services at market-leading prices.

Moreover, xMax can cost-effectively extend existing fixed VoIP and broadband Internet platforms into the mobile environment. Its support for industry standard VoIP coding and SIP signaling allow the seamless extension of VoIP services to mobile xMax users, while the all-l IP xMax architecture makes web-based services easy to implement.

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