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Target Market Overview

xMax cognitive radio network technology represents a powerful solution for a wide array of users, applications and markets. Whether for enterprises or agencies looking to maximize their existing spectrum capacity, or for service providers of any type looking to take control of their wireless future, xMax can eliminate the barrier created by expensive or unavailable licensed spectrum. With its advanced technology and field proven products, xMax is a powerful way for an organization to address its wireless communications needs. Essentially, xMax is able to exploit unlicensed spectrum to create a licensed spectrum experience for users.

In addition, for commercial, civilian or military organizations needing a turnkey, rapidly deployable mobile wireless solution on a temporary or tactical basis, our cognitive networking solution offers a compelling set of capabilities not available from other wireless systems or programs of record.

Finally, xMax technology can enhance the existing capacity and coverage of networks using licensed and/or unlicensed spectrum by enabling opportunistic use of occupied, but not yet fully utilized, spectrum bands - without impacting primary users or applications operating in those bands. Its interference mitigation technology can also be applied to enhance LTE performance and capacity by increasing tolerance to self-interference caused by high base station and/or user densities.

Below are just a few of the customer markets that can gain demonstrable benefits from xMax:

•    Incumbent Wireless Carriers

•    Rural Telcos and WISPs

•    DoD & Military

•    Public Safety

•    Utilities & Smart Grid

•    Mobile Content Providers

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