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Utilities & Smart Grid

Public utilities deliver mission critical services to their communities including water, gas and electricity. These same utilities require wide area mobile communications both in daily operations and when disaster strikes. Sufficient coverage and bandwidth is critical to getting these vital services back online when the worse occurs.

Most utilities have started adding digital communications and monitoring systems to the production, transportation and distribution infrastructure they rely on. However, access to spectrum for mobile and wireless communications has not kept pace with the needs of these newly digitally enabled utilities.

In particular, the Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) has issued a white paper asking the FCC to dedicate 30MHz of spectrum for communications systems needed to support new electric "Smart Grid" systems that improve the performance, reliability and efficiency of our electrical distribution system. Smart grids require robust and real time two-way communications links to utility customers, and wireless communications clearly provide the most cost-effective and realizable path. However, although this request for dedicated spectrum has been pending for a number of years, the needed allocation of frequencies does not appear to be forthcoming.

xMax can offer utilities 26MHz of the requested 30MHz needed for Smart Grid deployment and other operations. It can create a robust and high capacity mobile wireless network using the widely available 900MHz unlicensed band. While utilities currently use the 900 band for point to point and telemetry applications, xMax will detect these applications and only use frequencies that are available at a location to provide robust end to end communications. xMax also connects to and leverages the investment made in commercial smartphones, tablets and computers that technicians and supervisors already carry in the field and know how to use.

  • xMax cognitive radio technology offers utilities a wireless solution that meets smart grid requirements while providing the following enhanced capabilities:
  • Rapidly deployable in emergency response and remote service deployments
  • Leverages 900Mhz unlicensed frequencies, yet delivers licensed spectrum reliability, throughput and freedom from interference
  • Guaranteed, always-on connection to smart meters, monitoring equipment and security infrastructure
  • Robust, real-time, low-latency connectivity without requiring expensive licensed spectrum


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