Technology Section 940x180 overview Cognitive Radio Networking Network Architecture xMax Physical Layer xMAC: Low Latency MAC Optimized Mobile VoIP

Technology Overview

Broad IP and Patent Portfolio

xG Technology has developed a broad portfolio of Intellectual Property (IP) that covers wired and wireless communications systems. The company counts over 60 patents or patent applications in the US, and over 140 internationally. These achievements have been generated by the company’s $100 million plus investment in both its own extensive R&D activity and international partnering efforts.

Areas of R&D that have culminated in filings and/or awarded patents include:

• Dynamic Spectrum Access
• Interference Mitigation
• Compression (protocols, payload, signaling, etc)
• Modulators/Demodulators
• Antennas/Shielding
• Wired and Wireless Networks
• Media Access Control Protocols

xMax: Continued Commercialization of the Portfolio

xG’s xMax cognitive radio technology and the xMax system represent the company’s current product solution set that leverages and commercializes a portion of the above patent portfolio. Key areas of innovation implemented in the xMax carrier class cognitive radio solution include:

• Cognitive Radio and Dynamic Spectrum Access
• Rapidly deployable, end-to-end IP-based Network Architecture
• Interference Mitigation
• Media Access Control layer for mobile voice, data, messaging and video
• System wide optimization for High Reliability Mobile VoIP

In addition to its patentable IP, the company has also developed extensive expertise in manufacturing, network deployment, systems optimization and rapid prototyping that has created a valuable set of proprietary commercial knowhow, which is used to enhance the value of its patented IP.

xG Technology is committed to the continued development, commercialization and protection of new and existing inventions. R&D continues in a wide range of communications services and applications.