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“Cognitive-radio technology from xG Technology is a ‘potential game changer’ in battlefield communications based on its flexible deployment model and ability to operate in spectral environments fraught with interference and targeted jamming.”
Mike McCarthy, Director of Operations, Brigade Modernization Command , Ft. Bliss, TX

“Unlike other cognitive radio systems currently being trialed, xMax features advanced interference detection and avoidance capabilities designed to work around both intentional and unintentional interference.”
Andrew Seybold, Mobile Wireless Consultant

“In areas with no cost effective broadband coverage, xG has the ability to deploy a cost-effective, full-function cellular system serving government and/or consumer communications needs and open new possibilities for operators.”
Craig Mathias, internationally-recognized expert in Wireless Communications

“The xMax network architecture is intelligent, elegant, and provides affordable ways of implementing, as well as enhancing, voice and data networks.”                                 
Connected Analysis White Paper: “New Approaches to Optimizing Radio Spectrum”

“There is likely to be potentially significant additional long-term value in xG’s intellectual property when applied to certain target segments and vertical applications.”
PA Consulting Group, independent review of xG Technology

"Put simply, xMax enables enterprises of any kind to set up a mobile communications network quickly, cheaply and efficiently – providing a licensed spectrum experience to end users operating in unlicensed spectrum. As such, the addressable market is vast.“
Matt Walker, Research Analyst, First Columbus

“xG has developed more than just an innovative cognitive radio – they have created a complete network solution, including a robust set of management tools, with the flexibility and scalability needed for both commercial carrier-based deployments as well as high-performance private networks.”
FarPoint Group White Paper: “Redefining Cellular Infrastructure”

"By demonstrating the first cellular network that uses cognitive radio, xG hopes to show that it could help wireless carriers facing growing demand but a relatively fixed supply of spectrum.”
MIT Technology Review

“The xMax architecture, designed from the ground up to operate in the unlicensed spectrum and to coexist with other services, has demonstrated excellent performance, on the par with licensed networks.”
White Paper: “Open Spectrum: New Standards, Big Prospects”

“xMax worked well and is real…when you compare this to what the wireless carriers have had years to perfect, you come away very impressed.”
Rich Tehrani, TMCnet