Partner with xG

xG Technology is expanding! We are looking for partners interested in exciting and profitable business opportunities.

xG Technology is developing a business partner ecosystem to maximize the emerging market opportunity in private mobile wireless broadband for voice, video, and data communications. Our xMax system is generating tremendous interest and excitement with city managers, public safety, emergency management professionals, rural telco operators, government and military organizations, as well as industrial and academic campuses and many others. Our technology, protected by more than 50 patents, is on the leading edge of a revolution in leveraging spectrum resources that promises to permanently alter wireless communications.

The business partners we are looking for need to have a deep understanding of wireless technologies as well as insights into the needs and demands of our target industries. We are seeking partnerships in three categories:

  • Technology Alliance Partners are hardware manufacturers, application developers, and system integrators that see a strategic value in our technology and believe they could benefit from a collaborative approach to the market. Some of xG’s current Technology Alliance Partners can be found on this page.
  • Reseller & Integrator Partners are those who market and sell hardware and software from a variety of vendors and are looking for ways to bring additional value and capability to their customers.
  • Referral Partners are consultants and other service providers who work with clients to get a deep understanding of their challenges and issues and then make recommendations of possible solutions.

To find out more, please view the xG Technology Business Partner Program overview. For additional details, contact Daniel Carpini, Vice President of Marketing, at