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xG Technology Ships $1.75 Million of xMax Products and Services

Friday, April 11th, 2014

xG Technology Ships $1.75 Million of xMax Products and Services In a press release issued today, xG Technology announced that year-to-date in 2014, it has shipped $1.75 million of xMax cognitive networking equipment and engineering services to multiple customers. These shipments included the following: equipment specified in a signed test plan with Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon trial client; and to fulfill existing backlogged orders from xG customers.

In addition to being xG’s first international shipment, the product testing agreement with the University also represents a new vertical market application for xG's xMax mobile broadband network solution.

This evaluation by the University represents the first of three potential phases of xMax evaluation and deployment for its industrial client. The accompanying news release “xG Technology Announces Product Testing Agreement with Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico” provides additional information.

“The University agreement shows that xG’s xMax system has broad appeal to international, as well as US, customers looking for innovative and cost-effective fixed and mobile connectivity for voice, video and data applications,” said John Coleman, CEO of xG Technology. “In addition to this, we are pleased to have made follow-on shipments, as well as initial deliveries, to customers in our backlog. Our fulfilment of existing order commitments demonstrates the success of the executional steps we have completed, including continued product development, the recruitment of talented senior staff and managers, production and network installation. Our customers’ continued confidence in, and need for, the unique capabilities that xG’s xMax networking solutions bring to their businesses is driving this incremental conversion of backlog into shipments and revenue, which is our key objective for 2014.”

The full press release can be read at the following link:

xG Technology Ships $1.75 Million of xMax Products and Services

Daniel Carpini
Marketing Director
xG Technology, Inc.