xMax CN1100 Access Point

CN1100_xAPThe xMax CN1100 is an all-IP, high capacity, high-performance wireless access point that delivers range, coverage and reliability in even the most challenging radio frequency (RF) conditions. For the first time, the CN1100 brings together game-changing technologies including Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Networking and a 2X4 Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) in a compact and affordable access point. These capabilities enable the CN1100 to deliver class-leading range and reliability for fixed, nomadic and mobile applications. As part of a complete xMax fixed/mobile broadband network system, the CN1100 delivers unprecedented scalability, reliability and performance while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO). It is the first carrier-class cognitive radio solution that offers a licensed spectrum experience using unlicensed spectrum via the ISM 900MHz band.

High-power xMax radios and 2×4 MIMO technologies give the CN1100 range, mobility and reliability surpassing WiFi-based systems. The CN1100 (as well as all xMax components) supports nomadic and fully mobile connectivity, including handoff that allows xMax operators to offer on-the-go services that cable and DSL can’t match. As part of the xMax family of products, the CN1100 is designed to offer maximum coverage and robustness while minimizing network deployment and management costs. This makes it a powerful solution for WiSPs, Telcos, Public Safety, enterprise and other service providers. Cognitive radio technology simplifies and speeds deployment for commercial, private and tactical networks.

The CN1100 utilizes advanced cognitive radio technology that incorporates OFDM and MIMO to yield outstanding interference rejection, high mobility and resistance to fading. All xMax products leverage an array of high-performance, low-cost DSPs that enable multidimensional signal processing to mitigate interference and dynamically access/optimize available spectrum resources.

The CN1100 is a small, single channel device that provides voice, data and video over ranges of 1 to 5 miles (non-line-of-sight) and up to 15 miles (line-of-sight), depending on environmental and installation conditions. Multiple CN1100’s can be collocated to increase system capacity. All CN1100’s are time-synchronized to avoid self-interference, which greatly increases overall system capacity and load leveling. These features, along with deterministic Media Access Control (MAC) for high-quality voice calls (VoIP), give the xMax system superior scalability in real-world conditions.