xMax CN5100 Mobile Hotspot

CN5100_xModThe xMax CN5100 Mobile Hotspot is a device that allows users of WiFi-enabled smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other devices to seamlessly access the Internet through the xMax cognitive radio network. The CN5100 acts as a transparent protocol bridge that connects end user devices to the wide-area xMax network using secure WiFi links, or USB or Ethernet cables. It supports fixed and mobile users and has been designed to provide QoS (quality of service) while supporting voice and broadband data streams over the xMax network.

The CN5100 includes a WiFi router chip that allows it to simultaneously support multiple external devices wirelessly. It enables operators to deploy long-range xMax networks that can smoothly integrate with the large installed base of WiFi and Ethernet-capable wireless devices. Subscribers can easily install and set up a CN5100 to support any device having a WiFi, USB or Ethernet connection. By incorporating high-power xMax radios and 2×4 multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology, the CN5100 can provide the range and reliability demanded by today’s mobile users.

The CN5100 and xMax system support nomadic and fully mobile connectivity (including high-speed handoffs) which allows xMax operators to offer on-the-go services. As with all the components in the xMax family of products, the CN5100 is designed to offer range, flexibility, throughput and reliability, while minimizing network deployment and management costs. This makes xMax a powerful solution for WiSPs, telcos, government agencies and other communications providers that face challenging radio frequency (RF) environments.