xMSC Switch

The xMax Mobile Switching Center (xMax-MSC) is the backbone network element in the xMax regional network. The xMax-MSC controls the delivery of the voice and data services, and manages all elements in the regional network (xAPs, xVMs and xMods). The xMSC is typically connected to the Internet/Global Information Grid (GIG) and one or more VoIP soft switches.

All three planes of the network operations (Management, Control and Transport) are realized in a single-rack starter configuration, and can be expanded as network coverage and traffic grow. While it offers a rich set of functions supporting xMax voice services today, the xMax-MSC will also be upgraded over the course of the lifetime of the network with new functions supporting additional features and services, while reducing the cost of operations.

The main building blocks of the xMax-MSC are:

  • Transport Plane: core Ethernet switches and firewalls transport IP traffic between the devices on the local network and to the WAN.
  • Control Plane: the Configuration service provides network configuration information to access points and end-user devices.
  • Management Plane: xMonitor provides FCAPS functions for daily management of the xMax network.

Key features of the xMax-MSC:

  • Modular, redundant, pay-as-you-grow
  • Interworking between xMax Mobile VoIP and wireline VoIP
  • Optimized for mobile voice and data
  • High availability: redundant RAID drives, redundant firewall, included UPS
  • FCAPS for the xMax network and services
  • 100% IP-based for low CAPEX and OPEX, and fast learning curve