xG Technology videos illustrate the technology and benefits of private mobile broadband wireless networks:

Cognitive Radio Solution for Public Safety

The xMax cognitive radio network system delivers numerous benefits for first responders and other public safety personnel. xMax can vastly expand the deployment of robust wireless communications in hard-hit disaster areas.

Cognitive Radio Solution for Rural Telecom

The xMax cognitive radio network system delivers benefits for providers in the rural telecom sector. Using free unlicensed spectrum, xMax allows rural operators to maximize their broadband revenues, while providing an economical and reliable last mile voice and broadband solution for hard-to-reach customers and enterprises.

xG Technology Demonstration at IWCE 2014

xG Technology was featured in a newsletter sent out by Urgent Communications from the 2014 IWCE (International Wireless Communications Expo) show in Las Vegas. Donny Jackson, Urgent Communications editor, filmed a demonstration of the xMax system conducted onsite. The xG team configured a complete rapid deployment communications system in a Hummer H1, including integrated satellite backhaul and a fully functional xMax communications network. During the event, xG conducted demos showing high-speed mobile communications supporting PTT, voice, video, web and data delivered to off-the-shelf smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Demo Part 1

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xG Technology Interview with RCR Wireless on White Space Spectrum