Critical Infrastructure

Enabling Connectivity and Security for Critical Infrastructure

It has been estimated that only 1% of the devices that could be connected to the Internet actually ARE connected. Today, gas, water, and electric utilities, as well as ports, large chemical and oil processing plants, and even cities and towns are installing sensors in order to manage, monitor, protect, and improve their critical infrastructure.

Cisco estimates that data traffic will increase 10-fold in just the next 5 years which will put an enormous strain on the wireless and cellular infrastructures for years to come. So even if you install the sensors, will you reliably get the data you need when you need it?

xG Technology has a better idea – install you own private mobile wireless broadband network as well.

  • Get the data you need when you need it. The xMax solution is a private mobile wireless broadband network, which means you have complete control over who uses it and what crosses it. Your connections are always reliable because you’re not competing for access with the general population. Voice, video, and data flows smoothly, reliably, and securely with very low latency, so you get the actionable information you need when you need it.
  • Your apps, your devices. xMax is a unique IP network that allows you to use the applications you are using right now with no modifications or upgrades, including VPNs and encryption. You can also use whatever mobile devices you are using now, including smart phones, tablets, laptops, and ruggedized mobile devices. xMax is completely device-agnostic, so as long as your devices and sensors are IP-enabled, they can be used in the network.
  • Low cost of entry. We measure our coverage area in miles rather than feet, so you need only a few xAP access points to cover a wide area such as an industrial campus or port.
  • Easy to deploy and expand. Our patented interference mitigation and self-organizing network technologies means you can deploy and expand your network with no complex network engineering or frequency planning required. This can significantly reduce costs and allows you to deploy and expand your network without burdening your IT department.
  • Difficult to jam and hack. Critical infrastructure is a favored target of hackers and terrorists but the xMax solution provides an extra layer of security. Our patented interference mitigation and frequency migration technologies makes xMax resistant to jamming since any attempt to interfere with the signals causes xMax to seamlessly switch to a different frequency with no loss of data integrity. These same attributes make xMax highly resistant to hacking. In addition, it is very difficult to “eavesdrop” on the solution because, unlike most other available wireless systems, there are no commercially available radios tuned to the frequencies xMax uses and none that could follow the solution’s random switching of frequencies.
  • No usage fees or monthly charges. Gathering performance data 24/7 is great, but if you use carrier or ISP infrastructure to do so, the costs can add up very quickly. xMax solves this problem, too. Because you own the network, you don’t have to pay anyone else to use it.
  • Easy to manage and maintain. xMax was built to be an end-to-end IP system from the ground up, which means you can use SNMP tools to manage the network. xG Technology also offers a complete suite of engineering, deployment, management, and maintenance services to help you get all the performance the solution can provide.