DoD and Military

Mission-Assured Communications in Any RF Environment

Military wireless communications must meet or exceed performance parameters that few other communications systems can tolerate. The systems must be extremely mobile, almost infinitely scalable, frequency agile, cost-efficient and have highly flexible deployment schemes. In addition, the systems must be able to securely integrate commercial smartphones and tablets at the tactical edge. And, critically, they must be able to maintain communications integrity in the face of unpredictable RF challenges.

xMax solutions from xG Technology deliver these capabilities and more, including:

  • A fully expeditionary communications network that supports voice, video, and broadband data over one set of hardware.
  • Exceptionally low probability of jamming or hacking. Patented active interference mitigation technologies make the system resistant to jamming and hacking attempts, with a very low chance of message interception, even in the most unpredictable spectrum conditions.
  • Deploys and scales easily. Our patented interference mitigation and self-organizing technologies enable rapid deployment and expansion without complex network engineering or frequency planning.
  • Flexible deployment options for fixed, mobile, airborne, or expeditionary deployments.
  • Multiple backhaul options, including SATCOM, microwave, Ethernet, cellular, and WiFi.
  • Device agnostic. Use any smart phone, tablet, laptop, or rugged mobile device from any manufacturer.
  • Legacy interoperability. All-IP architecture allows xMax to digitally interface with legacy systems.
  • Operates globally using the 900-928 MHz frequency band.
  • A truly mobile network proven to deliver seamless handoffs at up to 70 mph.
  • Deploys in minutes to provide command and control in emergency situations.
  • Provides a resilient, robust and redundant network with low operational cost over the service life of the equipment.