Rural Telcos

Turn Rural “Not Spots” into Broadband Hotspots

It has been estimated that less than half of rural Americans have access to reliable broadband connectivity and is easy to see why. Even with government subsidies, the cost to deploy a network or the resulting price of the service is simply too high to build a viable business case. Until now.

xG Technology has developed an innovative private wireless broadband network solution that provides video, data, and VoIP communications over unlicensed radio spectrum. Our patented technology allows you to blanket towns with broadband access or selectively beam the signals into more remote areas so there is no wasted bandwidth. xMax can be used as primary, backhaul, or offload for mobile or fixed applications.

Compared to alternative technologies such as cable and WiFi, xMax offers the following benefits:

  • Dramatically lower Capex. We measure our coverage area in miles rather than feet so you need only a few towers to cover an entire town, city, or county.
  • High – grade QoS including voice so you can reduce you costs of maintaining expensive copper lines.
  • Higher immunity to interference and service interruption due to our patented interference mitigation technology for greater customer satisfaction.
  • Full mobility and high speed hand-offs to help support local emergency response organizations.
  • Use Any Device. You and your customers can use any smart phone, tablet, or laptop from any cellular carrier for voice, video, and data. You can also use all of your existing applications with no upgrading. In short, there’s nothing else to buy.
  • Easily Expand Coverage. Our patented interference mitigation and self-organizing network technologies means you can deploy and expand your network with little complex network engineering or frequency planning required.