Technology Overview

Our smart radio is aware of its surroundings and dynamically adjusts to keep data flowing without interruption, interference, or latency

What Is the xMax Mobile Wireless Broadband Network?

xMax is an innovative approach to mobile wireless two way voice, video, and data communications that puts as much intelligence into the radio as other vendors put into the network. In the majority of wireless network technologies, including WiFi, CDMA, GSM, 3G and 4G, and LTE, most of the intelligence resides within the network. It is the network that handles QoS, routing, switching, load balancing and handoffs while the radio itself remains fairly “dumb.” All the radio does is establish a wireless link between the user and the network on a specific channel within the allotted spectrum. If that channel becomes filled with RF interference from any one of dozens of possible sources, the radio struggles to maintain the connection until packets get lost, the connection is terminated and the end user has a bad experience.

The engineers at xG Technology decided to focus their energies on that primary link between the wireless end user and the core network. The result is a smart radio – also known as a “cognitive radio” – that uses dynamic spectrum access to keep communications clear and precise. In layman’s terms what we have developed is a radio that is aware of its surroundings – aware of the world it operates in – and is able to make informed decisions on the best way to keep the data flowing without interruption, interference, or noticeable latency.


Like any wireless technology, the xMax system establishes a link using a specific channel, and in the case of xMax, that is within the unlicensed 900 MHz radio spectrum. However, if the radio determines that the channel it is using is absorbing too much interference or enough RF noise to cause a communication breakdown, the radio seamlessly switches to another channel within the allotted spectrum. The spectrum we currently operate in contains 12 unique channels, and the xMax radios are scanning all of them up to 33 times every second to determine which has the least interference. While it does this, the radio builds a table of available channels so it knows in advance exactly where it will go if the channel it is using becomes useless.

The idea of a cognitive radio with active interference mitigation algorithms is at the heart of what we do. Many other patented innovations have been incorporated into our technology, including an extensive body of intellectual property in the following key areas:

  • Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Interference Mitigation
  • Novel compression methods (protocols, payload, signaling, etc)
  • Modulators/Demodulators
  • Uniquely programmed MIMO antennae and shielding
  • Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Media Access Control Protocols

The result is a mobile wireless broadband network that allows you to use any smart phone, tablet, rugged device, or laptop from any carrier or manufacturer, and any applications you choose for clear and reliable voice, video, and data connectivity. It also allows you to deploy or expand your network without complex network engineering or frequency planning.