Interference Mitigation

xMax overcomes challenging wireless environments and conditions using advanced, field-proven interference mitigation technology

Interference is the chief limiting factor in high-capacity mobile communications. It can negatively impact reliability, performance and coverage in wireless systems. Interference is responsible in many cases for dropped calls, slow download speeds and shortened battery life.

While interference has long been an issue in unlicensed spectrum bands, mobile carriers are seeing that the licensed (i.e. dedicated) spectrum used in their 3G and 4G mobile networks is also experiencing unprecedented levels of interference. In large part, this is due to unrelenting growth in high-bandwidth, media-rich mobile data use. In addition to commercial networks, interference is also of concern to our public safety, armed forces and homeland security agencies. Their growing reliance on broadband communications makes unintentional and intentional interference (jamming) a real threat to their missions.

xMax leverages proprietary xG-developed technology to implement a “layered” approach to dealing with interference—an industry first.

Beginning with an advanced version of Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA), xMax uses real-time sensing of interference to instantly change channels if better frequencies are detected. However, xMax goes beyond simple DSA by incorporating sophisticated interference mitigation software that enables it to continue operating reliably on interference-laden channels. Essentially, xMax employs advanced intelligence to determine, at a granular level, how much interference it can effectively withstand before reconfiguring its parameters.  When xG’s interference mitigation technology is added to its DSA capabilities, xMax can greatly increase the capacity of both new and existing spectrum assets.

xMax radios employ powerful parallel processing digital signal processors and computer processing units (DSP/CPU) that support speeds up to 50 Giga OPS (billion operations per second) for signal processing. These processors, combined with 2×4 MIMO antenna configurations and patented spatial processing algorithms, enable the xMax system to remove unwanted interference from the target xMax signals. Each xMax cognitive radio can simultaneously mitigate up to 24 mobile sources of interference or jamming. By using xMax’s multi-antenna technology to separate unwanted interference from desired xMax signals, xG is able to offer robust and reliable links in conditions that would cause other radio systems to fail.


xMax MIMO Based Interference Mitigation Separates Interference from Desired Signals

Because xMax can tolerate high levels of interference before requiring the radios to switch channels, more “gray spectrum” (containing interference or jamming) can be used in place of scarce “white spectrum” (clean and interference-free). In turn, this makes white spectrum channels available for other radios that cannot effectively mitigate interference on their own. This capability increases an xMax network’s total throughput and capacity greatly—without consuming additional scarce and costly spectrum resources.

The following press releases underscore xMax’s interference mitigation attributes: